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PROJECT:  WallsDown Performances

DESCRIPTION: Producer / Director 

RESPONSIBILITIES: To dig deeper into the lines that separate us and stretch farther the importance of our diversities in our art and in our communities.


WALLSDOWN™ is part of a series of concert performances where individual musicians and dancers who are different in style and cultural backgrounds, come together and perform independently and at the same time on one stage. From Flamenco, Butoh, HipHop and Jazz to Balinese, Tyko, Congolese and Mime, they dance and perform side-by-side in perfect harmony. At times you are emersed, besieged and entertained by the kalidescope of varying performances going on simultaneously. The beauty of the mass suggests a vastly more tender view of our differences. It is ‘what we sound like as a people’. 


“It’s in people’s differences where we find that what has been missing in ourselves.” – Suzka


Produced and Directed by  SUZKAWORLD

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